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What is Sebago Sailing?
Our Boats: Most of our club boats are one-design dinghys. Generally they are single person boats that can be quite athletic to sail, and require hiking out to keep the boat upright. The club has eight Sunfish, two Lasers, a vintage 420, a Vanguard 15 and several sailing canoes. Many members also have their own boats at the club, which include one design dinghys and traditional style sailboats. All boats at Sebago must be carried down the ramp on a dolly and launched from the dock (there is no boat launching ramp or mechanical device for launching boats at Sebago). This naturally limits the craft to those that are relatively light in weight. There is also a mast height restriction at the Belt Parkway bridge. But so far, no boat that you could get down the ramp has a stick so big it wouldn't go under the bridge, (but you never know). All of our club boats require yearly maintenance to keep them afloat, and since Sebago is an all-volunteer club, this work is performed by our members. This is however, good training for maintaining and repairing your own boat when you get one. To use one of our club boats, a member must be "certified". Download SailCom Policies and Certification Requirements. The Sailing Committee (SailCom) keeps four dollies for transporting the boats down to the dock and works to keep the boats in reasonable condition throughout the year. Due to launching and storage restrictions not all small boats are suitable for use at our facility. Members must have the approval of the Sailing chair to use club boats or store personally owned sailboats at Sebago.


Instructor Workshop, Zach Carver - April 13, Sun. 11am

Annual Sail Clinic
Our Annual Sail Clinic is held once a year for our members only. The 2014 Sail Clinic is on June 21 and June 22 (this class is full but we can include you on the wait list in case there is a cancellation). This is the best opportunity for our members to learn sailing at Sebago. This is two day basic sailing class (open only to our members), but the information can be adapted to the skills of our students, as necessary. We teach primarily adults, and use the club boats, so you will learn to rig and sail our particular boats, and you will also be offered specific information regarding our waterfront, the basin, and Jamaica Bay. Remember - these boats require very physical movement. You will be wet, and more than likely you'll flip the boat and spend a little time in the water (but that makes it fun!). The class runs all day on both days, and includes classroom instruction, rigging, on-land training, and extensive on-the-water training for both days. We usually cruise out to one of the islands and set up buoys to run sail drills by the second day. The class requires an instructor for each student, so enrollment is limited. Book early! Payment ($180) confirms enrollment.

Canoe Sailing
(June 15, 2014) This year we are returning to our Sebago sailing roots once again as we hold a Canoe Sailing workshop for our experienced sailors. Our sailing program comes out of a tradition of canoe sailing at the club. There are those among us who continue to sail this marvelous boat but not many and we hope to regenerate interest in this marvelous class of sailing, so perfect for Jamaica Bay.

Sebago Sailing has a cruise scheduled once every month. Any certified sailor is welcome to join in. Use of boats is on a 'first come-first served' basis. Sailors should be rigged and on the water by the times listed on the calendar for each cruise. Cruises are typically 3-4 hours long, and usually include beaching for lunch.
The dates for 2014 are:
• June 1 meet 9:30, launch 10am
• July 6 meet 10:30am, launch 11am
• August 17, meet 10:30am, launch 11am

- check the calendar below for details.

Race Clinic, Eoin Delap - Sun, August 31,2014.

We begin the season with our Spring Laser Regatta on May 4 with a laser invitational for region laser sailors (fee $20). NEXT up is our Spring Series laser/sunfish (we welcome any visiting sailors, insurance fee $15, leave your boat $40).

    Spring Race Series days:
    This will be a three day series on Sundays, skippers meet 11am and First Gun at noon, each series day.
  • May 11
  • May 18
  • May 25

August 16 - Laser invitational District 8
(rescheduled event)
» Race Results
» Pictures from the Regatta, courtesy of Chris Bickford

Sebago Cup, September 13, 2014
Our annual cruising race.
Sat., 11:30 am skippers meet, starting gun, 12:30 pm.
NOR and SI for this event.

Fall Racing Series 2014
Open to all Laser, Sunfish, Force 5 and other one design dinghy class sailors.
Series Days
     September 7 / Sunday - Day #1
     September 28 / Sunday - Day #2
     October 5 / Sunday - Day #3
     October 12 / Sunday - Day #4
     October 19 / Sunday - Day #5
     October 26 / Sunday - Day #6
Series Times:
     11:30 pm - Skippers Meeting.
     12:30 pm - First Warning Signal, races to follow. (Water and Snacks available on the water)
Fee $15 for Non-Sebago members, $50 for Series boat storage.

From the 2013 season:
Race #1 Pictures: from Jim »
Race #3 Pictures: from Tracy... coming soon
Race #4 Pictures: from Zach »
Race #4 Pictures: from John Thomas »
Race #5 Pictures: from Jason Stevens »

From our previous regattas:

Our annual Sebago Cup Race - 2013

What a great Sebago Cup. Winds out of the NW 8-15 with 20 participants (a record!). Seven lasers (with four guest sailors), nine sunfish, three ACA canoes and one Vanguard 15. The course was approximately 7.5 miles - as the crow flies. First finishers completed in about 2.5 hrs.
Dave Cripton who won first overall -- first laser
Leo Ryo, second overall -- second laser
David Trinder, third overall -- third laser
Logan Tack, first Sunfish
Hans Liebert, second Sunfish
Keith Nichols, third Sunfish
Jim Luton, first Canoe
Zach Carver, second Canoe
Marilyn Vogel, third Canoe

» Pictures from Sebago Cup 2013 - HS

» Pictures from Sebago Cup 2013 - BA

» GPS Track from one of our sailors - Sebago Cup 20-13 - SC

» Jamaica Bay's Jewel, by Julia Marsh, (Sailing World, Sept. 12) - Article about this fabulous race!

» Pictures from Sebago Cup 2012

*Spring Laser Regatta - 2011
Congratulations to Ted Cremer
winner of our 2011Spring Regatta!

Winners Race Report from Ted Cremer
Click for pictures from the event by Bonnie Aldinger
Video to come for the event by Chris Bickford

*Spring Laser Regatta - 2010
Congratulations to David Nicol
winner of our 2010 Spring Regatta!

Read the Winners Race Report from David Nicol
Click for pictures from the event by Bonnie Aldinger
Click for pictures from the event by Chris Bickford

*Spring Laser Regatta - 2009
Congratulations to Blake Marriner
Read the Winners Race Report from Blake Marriner

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