Recent News: Sailing

First Day Sail

I arrived at Sebago on New Year’s Day to rig my melonseed skiff and don my wetsuit to do that “first day” thing of kicking off the new year with a sail. John Thomas joined...

Skippers Meeting - What's the course?

Sebago Cup – 2019

It was a beautiful day for our annual Sebago Cup. The forecast was for 0-4 out of the west, BUT it was much better – we started with 6+mph out of the SW climbing...

Annual Sail Report 2018

Another fabulous sailing season at Sebago has passed. We finished the year with close racing in our annual Fall Series, the Eoin Delap Cup, with multiple ties and places often separated by less than one tenth of a point! Here is the final tally for the series (link – We had over twenty participants throughout the series with twelve qualifiers (those participating in at least three races, and helping with RC for one of those) spanning six race days and 38 races. Congratulations to the top placers. In the Laser class Tracy Kornrich won 1st, Holly Sears 2nd, and David Cripton 3rd. In the Sunfish class, Patrick Daniels won 1st, Dino Ness 2nd, and Boris Mezhibovskiy 3rd. Winners Tracy and Patrick share the Eoin Delap Cup!

Sailing Class – 2018

Our annual Sailing Class was held this past weekend. We could not have asked for better weather – warm and sunny with light to moderate winds settling into a nice southerly on both days...

Spring Race Series – Last Race and Final Results

We finished out our Spring Racing Season yesterday with Race Day #6 (an extension of our season!). I think this year we sailed in the rain three out of the six days and yesterday...

Spring Fleet Repairs - Sunfish daggerboards

Sailing Report – April 2018

By Holly Sears I have been hearing about the winter adventures of many of our sailors and look forward to hearing more as our new on-the-water season at Sebago approaches. Tracy Kornrich and I...

Sebago Cup 2017

Another year and another Sebago Cup. This is our annual cruising class race. For dinghy racing this is an unusual race. It is a cruising race – a distance race that usually circumnavigates our...

Traditional Cruise 2017, photo by Chris Bickford

August Sailing Cruise the ‘Trad Cruise’

As most of you know we have three (occasionally four, if May works out) scheduled sailing cruises every summer. These are always popular events among our sailors and a great way to explore our...

Team Racing Event

Yesterday (July 30) we all sailed sunfish (so the sunfish were out in force) and ran 6 races as we held our first ever Team Racing Regatta. For those of you not familiar with...

Group picture of the Sailing Class

Sailing Class 2017

I know we say it every year but… We had a great sailing class this weekend, always a feat of organizing for our Sailing Committee, with 12 volunteer instructors and 10 students and all the challenges that an outdoor weather dependent sport present.

Spring Race Series, Race 3, photo courtesy David Cripton

Sailing Committee Report – 2017

Another season is upon us and our Spring Race Series is almost complete as I write this report. In the spring, the weather and conditions are always an ongoing surprise and this spring was no different with actual conditions rarely matching the forecast. For the first time in many years we actually held one of our races in Paerdegat Basin

Sailing Report

Our typical Spring sailing season was nearly a bust this year, as the expected dock replacement did not get underway until well into April. We were forced to forfeit all but two of the races for our Spring Series with no way to launch the boats, and no committee boat either. But after that we had a wonderful season…