Lake Sebago

SCC Cabin at Lake Sebago

Panoramic view of Lake Sebago

Sebago Canoe Club (SCC) members who are also members of the American Canoe Association (ACA) have access to the SCC cabin at the ACA’s private camp on Lake Sebago in Harriman State Park.

The camp’s season typically extends from May 1st through October 15th. The camp is currently CLOSED FOR THE SEASON. There is no access to the cabin until the camp reopens in the spring of 2024.

ACA membership

You must be an ACA member to use the camp. Annual individual membership fee is $40 for anyone 18 and older.  Anyone younger that 18 years of age does not need to join the ACA.

Visit for information about Lake Sebago and to join the ACA.

Exterior, Sebago Canoe Club cabin
SCC Cabin C-517

SCC cabin amenities

  • Three bedrooms, each with two twin beds
  • Common space with dining table and chairs
  • Refrigerator, stove, oven, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker
  • Pots, pans, dishes, utensils
  • Electricity
  • Outdoor propane grill, picnic table, Adirondack chairs
  • Club boats for member use

The cabin has no running water. Water, toilets, showers, and a dishwashing station are located a short walk away. You’ll find a large tub under the sink to transport dishes.

You should bring bedding with you as only a mattress is provided.

Day use

SCC does not charge for day use of the cabin; however, the ACA charges a camp fee of $10 per member per day.

Overnight stays

SCC charges $10 per member per night in addition to the ACA camp fee of $10 per member per day.

Advance registration for overnight stays is preferred, but you can make an impromptu decision to stay overnight if there’s availability. Either way, you must make a reservation.

Members can make a maximum of three weekend reservations in advance. After 5 p.m. on Wednesdays, rooms not booked for the upcoming weekend are available for any member to reserve.

How to book

Check availability on the cabin calendar below and email with the following information:

  • Calendar dates you wish to stay
  • Names of each person in your party, indicating whether they are an SCC member or guest
  • Scanned copies of ACA membership cards

Once your reservation is received, all names will be listed as “pending” on the calendar, and you will receive a PayPal invoice for your stay. Reservations will be approved after payment is made. You will receive an email confirming your reservation and room number, and your name will be updated as “paid” on the calendar. You will also receive the access code to the cabin.


Sebago members may bring guests to the cabin.

  • There is no SCC charge to bring guests for the day, but there is a $20 ACA camp fee per guest per day.
  • The SCC charge for overnight stays is $20 per guest per night, which is in addition to the ACA fee of $20 per guest per day.
  • Guests are permitted to use the cabin for a maximum of two nights per season.
  • Members may use a maximum of two club boats for their guests at any time.
  • Guests must sign a waiver if using club boats or other equipment. Click here to sign the waiver.


Directions to the camp entrance can be found here.

Before your first visit, contact camp director Beth Bloedow at to request the code for the gate. Once inside you can get a key from Beth, who’s located in cabin C-525 at the top of the hill. You’ll need to show proof of your ACA membership.

Sign in at the kiosk in the main parking lot.

Pay the ACA member and guest daily use fees, which you can put in an envelope at the sign-in kiosk or submit to Beth via PayPal. Or you can purchase a season pass here.

Our cabin number is C-517.

Camp and cabin rules

  • The cabin is open to all SCC members, including day trippers who may arrive during your weekend stay. No one can reserve the use of the cabin exclusively for their own group.
  • Please be cooperative so everyone can use the cooking facilities within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Turn down lights and music by 10 if other overnighters request it.
  • Note that no pets are allowed in the ACA camp.
  • For a complete list of camp rules click here.

Boat usage

Please refer to the Sea Kayaking and Canoe pages for SCC use policies.

Documenting your stay

SCC must document all cabin usage, both day and overnight, or we run the risk of losing our ACA lease.

  • Please sign the “Daily Cabin Use Book” located inside the cabin, listing each calendar date that you were there and noting your arrival and departure dates.
  • The use of boats and other equipment must also be documented.
Cabin interior, kitchen

Before you leave the cabin

  • Clean the kitchen, including the microwave, toaster oven, and coffee maker if you’ve used them.
  • Wipe down the table.
  • Empty the refrigerator of everything you’ve brought, including nonperishables.
  • Empty the trash (the dumpster is located in the main parking lot).
  • Place a clean plastic bag in the trash can.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.
  • Make sure the outdoor space is clean.
  • Clean the grill if you used it.
  • Turn off the lights and lock the door.
  • Report all issues, concerns, or damage to