What is Sebago Sailing?

Welcome to Sebago Sailing! We have a great sailing program, with a lot of energized sailors who love to cruise and race the small boats that we and our members have. Jamaica Bay is excellent small boat sailing! We typically get great wind. See our yearly events and the ongoing schedule below.

Our Boats:
Most of our club boats are one-design dinghies. Generally they are single person boats that can be quite athletic to sail, and require hiking out to keep the boat upright. The club has nine Sunfish, four Lasers, a vintage 420, a Vanguard 15, a Crawford Melonseed and several sailing canoes. Members also have their own boats at the club, which include one design dinghies and traditional style sailboats. All boats at Sebago must be carried down the ramp on a dolly and launched from the dock (there is no boat launching ramp or beach for launching boats at Sebago). This naturally limits the craft to those that are relatively light in weight. There is also a mast height restriction at the Belt Parkway bridge.

Due to launching and storage restrictions not all small boats are suitable for use at our facility. Members must have the approval of the Sailing Chair to use club boats and members must also contribute to the Sailing program or other club programs. Members must have the explicit approval from the Sailing Chair to store or bring any personally owned sailboats onto the Sebago property – and be a member in good standing.

To use one of our club boats, a member must be “certified” to use that particular type of boat by the Sailing Chair. Download SailCom Policies and Certification Requirements.

Interested in joining Sebago Sailing?
We like to interview and meet any potential sailing member, schedule a time for you to see the club and the facilities, and talk to a Sailing member representative. Contact to set up a tour or for any questions.

Our club is non profit, and member run, with no paid staff and each member is required to contribute to the running of the club so we all share in the work to maintain the facilities, the equipment and boats. We like to make sure you are joining the club with that understanding and determined to fulfill at least the mandated volunteer hours (minimum 15 hrs/year) and thereby make a contribution to the club. To use club boats you must be a contributing member and be checked out and certified for each boat type and wind conditions.

Please note: We do not rent boats, teach sailing to non-members or have a junior sailing program and we are not a boat storage facility!

Yearly events include:

  • Annual Learn to Sail Class, a two-day clinic, TBD for members only, limited enrollment, $185 fee

This clinic is a two day basic sailing class, but the information can be adapted to the skills of our students, as necessary. We teach primarily adults, and use the club boats, so you will learn to rig and sail our particular boats, and you will also be offered specific information regarding our waterfront, the basin, and Jamaica Bay. Remember – these boats require very physical movement. You will be wet, and more than likely you’ll flip the boat and spend a little time in the water (but that makes it fun!). The class runs all day on both days, and includes classroom instruction, rigging, on-land training, and extensive on-the-water training for both days. We usually cruise out to one of the islands and set up buoys to run sail drills by the second day. The class requires an instructor for each student, so enrollment is limited.

  • Monthly Cruises: Sebago Sailing has a cruise scheduled once every month in our active summer season. Any certified sailor is welcome to join in. Use of boats is on a ‘first come-first served’ basis. Sailors should be rigged and on the water by the times listed on the calendar for each cruise. Cruises are typically 3-4 hours long, and usually include beaching for lunch.
  • Spring Racing Series: Sundays April 21 – June 2

Skippers meeting 11:30 am. First gun 12:30 pm.

Notice of Race

Notice of Race Amendment 1

Sailing Instructions

Volunteers are needed for the 2024 Spring Race Series. Powerboat certification a definite plus. Any members who are interested should sign up here.

  • The Sebago Cup: Sebago’s annual Cruising Race, TBD
    Skippers meeting TBD
    First gun TBD
  • Fall Racing Series: Stay tuned for details of possible occasional series
    Skippers meeting TBD
    First gun TBD
  • Training Workshops – follow the calendar below

Sailing activities only shown below: Be sure to check the » Club-wide calendar when planning your day at the club.

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