Sebago Boatshop

The Sebago Boatshop was built 15 years ago in order to provide a proper construction space for those volunteers dedicated to maintaining our buildings, grounds, and fleet. It has also become a hub for community builds such as Canarsian, the construction of a half-dozen skin-on-frame kayaks, the boat and wash racks, several picnic tables and chairs, as well as maintenance work on countless club kayaks, canoes, and sailboats. 

Jim Luton, former vice-commodore, led the Canarsian project, stocked the shop with many of his own tools, and kept a close eye on people working in the shop.

With Jim’s retirement and departure for North Carolina, the shop has become much more of an unstructured communal workspace, with no one person providing consistent oversight. In an effort to better manage use of the space and reduce the possibility of conflict or injury, we have established an informal calendar of scheduled work (email the vice-commodore for details), created a mandatory Tool Safety Usage Agreement, and posted signs on the premises that read:

Your safety is YOUR responsibility.

Do not use a tool unless you know how to use it safely.

Strictly follow all appropriate safety procedures and protocols.

We’ve also adopted the following practices and guidelines:

  • Regular access to the shop is restricted to a limited number (currently about 15) of permanent keyholders. They are volunteers committed to keeping the club’s fleet, buildings, and grounds in working condition, and they are collectively responsible for maintaining safety standards and keeping the shop clean and orderly. Anyone wishing to become a permanent keyholder should inquire with the vice-commodore. 
  • Others wishing to use the space on a short-term basis may do so, provided they sign the Tool Safety Usage Agreement and work directly with a keyholder.  
  • Use of all shop power tools, whether handheld or stationary, is restricted to those with adequate training and experience to use them. If you have limited or no experience with a tool, DO NOT USE IT. Instead, ask an experienced keyholder for assistance. 
  • For small repairs, or when a shop keyholder is not available, there is a toolbox in the clubhouse stocked with a small number of basic hand tools. Please return them after use.