Shining a Light on the Rowing Committee

By John Decker and Joe Romano

Right off the bat, we want to get the facts into the light – yes, we exist, and yes there are some signs of activity among the members of our committee!

Committee Activities
As of now, the club owns and can launch 3 individual sculling shells. These are the stable, kayak-shaped ocean rowing shells made by Alden.  They are great learners and trainers for introducing oneself to rowing.  We have gotten ourselves organized and prioritized some modest upgrades to address issues like worn grips and minor boat damage in the fleet, and will be addressing these improvements over the winter in close proximity to the wood stove!  Early morning launchings and late dusk returns will be made very much easier with a new light being installed in the rowing shed.

Get in touch with the committee by emailing the committee chair at  No formal instruction program exists, but there are members who can offer some pointers and help with the learning process. Beyond the three shells in service, there are several project boats we hope to work on and get out on the water, so get on the group mailing list and watch for some repair workshops in 2017.

New Rowing Neighbors
Paerdegat Basin always had the potential of a superb rowing site, with its long, linear, sheltered waters.  From bridge to head-end, it nearly reaches the length of an Olympic 1,500-meter course.  The recent improvements in water quality have mostly eliminated one of the major barriers to use, and the high-bermed landscape of the eco-park make it a world away from Brooklyn.  The site is ideal for rowing – so much so that we are soon getting a new neighbor in Row New York.

Row New York is local non-profit, teaching young people in under-resourced communities the sport of competitive rowing – and through it, the values of teamwork, tenacity, and commitment to self and others. Paired with intensive academic tutoring, the rowing programs have given thousands of teens the motivation and skills to excel both on the water and in the classroom. They are getting set up at a rebuilt marina site on our side of the basin just north of the last active marina.  Look for the kids to be getting their feet wet in the spring or definitely over the summer.

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