Sailing Report

By Holly Sears and Jim Luton

If not duffers won’t drown

Our typical Spring sailing season was nearly a bust this year, as the expected dock replacement did not get underway until well into April. We were forced to forfeit all but two of the races for our Spring Series with no way to launch the boats, and no committee boat either. But after that we had a wonderful season of sailing with our usual events – the Annual Sailing Class (thank you to our 15 sailing members who helped to run this two-day class) and our ever-popular monthly cruises.

For last February’s Winter Meeting we set a goal to have some kind of organized scheduled sailing event every weekend during our summer season, and we came pretty close to achieving that goal! Events included multiple Instructor Workshops, a Double-Hander Workshop, several beginner sailing opportunities and many drill opportunities. Our sailors really stepped up to help run these events, and our thanks go out especially to Patrick Daniels, Dino Ness, and Paul Sauberg!

We now also have written guidelines available to aid our sailors with most aspects of our program on the sailing page of the club website
( We will continue to develop and expand these documents.

We finished up our sailing season with the Sebago Cup and our Fall Race Series for the Eoin Delap Cup.

Results for the Sebago Cup
16 participants
Ben Cripton / 1st Overall, 1st laser laser radial
John and James Decker / 2nd Overall V15
David Cripton / 3rd Overall, 2nd laser laser radial
Holly Sears / 3rd laser laser radial
Rune Hanson / 1st sunfish sunfish
Patrick Daniels / 2nd sunfish sunfish
Hans Liebert / 3rd sunfish sunfish

Results for the Fall Race Series and the Eoin Delap Cup
25 participants and 6 qualifiers
Laser Class:
Holly Sears 1st
Tracy Kornrich 2nd
Aindriu (Dino) Ness 3rd

Sunfish Class:
Patrick Daniels 1st

Double-Hander Class:
Team Cripton (David, Ben, Stella) 1st

More information on the race results can be found here:

Our boats were put to bed for the winter with two workdays this fall. Not all our maintenance tasks were completed, but we got a good start and perhaps we will schedule some repairs during the winter, skilled personnel and weather permitting. We will have a winter meeting sometime in late January or early February. The date for the meeting will be announced soon.

In the meantime, many of our sailors are enjoying frostbiting and other sailing events away from Sebago. Would you like to be part of the Sebago Sailing Google email list? Contact and ask to be included on our list.

Happy Sailing! We hope to see everyone on New Year’s Day for our annual Frostbite Regatta and at least dip a boat in the water!

View more sailing pictures here and below (click for larger views)….

Sebago – Double-Hander Workshop courtesy of Chris Bickford

august cruise 2016 trad boat action -Aug 26–Aug 27 courtesy of Patrick Daniels

Sail Class 2016 day 1 courtesy of Patrick Daniels

Sail Class 2016 day 2 courtesty of Patrick Daniels

Sailing Class 2016 courtesy of Jim Luton

Sebago Cup 2016 courtesy of Jim Luton

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