The New Garden Shed

By Jim Luton

Alongside the garden plot restructuring, we will have a new, custom-designed and -built shed to house all the gasoline-powered lawn equipment, rakes, shovels, and garden paraphernalia. Building a new shed will achieve several things at once. We’ll get the gas fumes out of container 11, and expand the boat storage in that space. We’ll move the garden equipment closer to the central gardening area, while opening up storage space in the current garden container out by the driveway. That means that some of the shelf storage in container 2 can be relocated to the old garden shed, allowing us space to reorganize the power tool layout in container 2 for a much less crowded workroom. And not least, the construction of the new garden plots and shed will clean up, organize, and beautify the whole lawn and garden area up to the street.

Several months ago, I drew up preliminary plans for the new shed, and presented this to the Board. The Board decided to allocate funds for the adventure, and we agreed to think about construction in the Fall of 2016. As the new garden plots plan developed, I realized the old shed design would not work on the actual site, so I am developing a new design. To that end, we have already cleared the site for the shed, and have somewhat leveled the area. We will be located at the northeast corner of the garden plots, close to the Diamond Point property. This was a previously unusable and brambly space, that will now be put to good use. The shed will be approximately nine by sixteen, sited with the long axis alongside the fence separating us from Diamond Point. The long wall facing the driveway will be more-or-less blank, as a backdrop for the existing perennial shrubs and trees that we planted in that area. The shed will open with a large sliding door on the west end. There will be a large porch that connects the shed to the garden plots. A ramp for mowers will lead from the yard up to the porch.

Visually, the shed will have a classic look. A gable roof with overhangs and brackets will give it an Arts and Crafts period feel, though simplified somewhat. I think it will provide a focal point for the garden area, and an efficient means of accessing the garden equipment. We will have to work with the garden committee to ensure that the new plot construction and shed form a cohesive unit, visually and practically. The new layout, as Mary Eyster has said, will make it much easier to maintain the lawn and gardens, with planked pathways between the rows of plots. We will begin construction of the new shed in the Spring, and will be asking for members’ help in the construction of the shed and gardens.

Stay tuned!

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