Another Successful Open House!

Not just one but two rain showers failed to dampen the enthusiasm of Sebago’s guests and volunteers at the open house on August 12. Senator Persaud’s office sent along thanks for once again “accommodating the community at this delightful event.” 

The senator’s office expanded their community outreach to include almost 30 guests from local older adult centers, along with two youth groups. Several of the older adults stayed to enjoy the breeze and shade in the picnic area after their on-water outings. We were also joined by an additional 60 or so guests who independently registered via Eventbrite. Many of these guests were repeat visitors returning for another chance to get out on the water. 

Once again, the day’s success was due to the efforts of all our volunteers, both on-land and on-water. Thank you all! The day would not have gone so smoothly without everyone’s efforts. 

I’d also like to thank everyone who took the time to provide feedback after our very busy open house in July. That discussion helped fine tune some of our crowd management procedures. Those tweaks, along with having fewer large groups attend, meant we were able to offer our guests the opportunity to try more than one craft.  I think we will see more return visitors at our September open house — some as new members.

And I think everyone appreciated the fresh corn from the farmer’s market brought to us by Lisa Schnall, not to mention the grill team who managed to get everything cooked despite the ill-timed arrival of rain shower number two, and the quick-acting volunteers who got everything set up inside just before the rain. 

Thank you! 

—Beth Eller

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