Traditional Cruise 2017, photo by Chris Bickford

August Sailing Cruise the ‘Trad Cruise’

As most of you know we have three (occasionally four, if May works out) scheduled sailing cruises every summer. These are always popular events among our sailors and a great way to explore our Jamaica Bay, meet other sailors and experience different boats.

For the third year we have designated one cruise – usually our August cruise, the ‘Trad Cruise’ or the Traditional Cruise. For this cruise we encourage all of our traditional boat sailors, in particular, to join in on the cruise. You may have seen these boats out sailing on their own. There is Patrick’s, ‘IAZ,P’ (a Goat Island Skiff), Chis’ Melonseed, Severn’s Tammie Norrie, Jim’s, ‘Mouse’ (a Matinicus Peapod) and ‘Cricket’ (a Chesapeake Crab Skiff) and our club Crawford Melonseed.

Saturday – the weather, in the end, cooperated and 14 boats ventured out that included all of our traditional boats, plus four lasers, two sunfish and a V15- 13 boats, 18 people! This flotilla was quite a beautiful sight on the bay. We headed over to the marsh, wandered through the channels, landed on Ruffle Bar and then headed home. For most of us a 5 hour cruise!

Here are some pictures from the day by Chris Bickford:

I know Hans was shooting video and taking pictures and I’ll add that to this post when I get a link.

Enjoy – and look to join us next year!

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