Canoe Restoration, visit to the shop, photo courtesy of Patrick Daniels

Canoe Committee Report – May 2017

By Dan Olson

The big news for canoe aficionados is the return of our fully restored, Old Town war canoe. Long canoes have a long history of warlike use by the indigenous people of North America and Africa. Be assured, the Canoe Committee is committed to their peaceful use, including programming for families, the community and others. The amount of war canoe programming will depend on the number of members we can train. Keep in mind, this is a canvas and wood boat that can be quickly damaged by the sharp corners of our dock and other hazards. Many thanks to Jim Luton for monitoring the restoration and to Sebago members for supporting the restoration of this unique treasure. Training dates will be announced. Please see Dan Olson or Jim Luton for more information.

I write this note on the Saturday when the Bronx River Flotilla was to have paddled 5 miles down the Bronx River to raise funds for the continued restoration of that river. Instead, the trip was rained out. Sebago has supported the Flotilla for many years with a trailer-load of canoes, training and river support during the day. Thanks to John Thomas, John Wright and Laurie Bleich for their ongoing support. We are planning a Bronx River canoe trip for Sebago members later this summer. More information to come.

Concrete and more concrete. The NYU Concrete Canoe team won the regional competition and will move to national competitions in June. The team approached Sebago about their need for more canoe training and Sebago agreed to work with them intensely for the three weeks before the competition. In return, the group has promised to provide volunteer hours around the club throughout the season. Sebago has also trained the CCNY Concrete Canoe team. The Canoe Committee believes that providing training and access to canoes is an important part of supporting the continued use of canoes. Unfortunately, we don’t have the manpower to support two teams. If you are interested in helping this program, please see Chris Bickford, Dan Olson or John Wright. We would love to bring your skills to the level where you can help these kids win!

Other items to note:

  • Chris Russo continues to provide training in solo canoes. Please see him and watch the email for more information on that program.
  • Our annual family canoe trip is in planning for the Columbus Day weekend.
  • Chris Bickford and Dan Olson are planning an ADK wilderness trip for late summer/early fall. Talk to either one if interested.
  • Other canoe programming will be provided based on demand.

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