Group picture of the Sailing Class

Sailing Class 2017

June 17 and 18

I know we say it every year but… We had a great sailing class this weekend, always a feat of organizing for our Sailing Committee, with 12 volunteer instructors and 10 students and all the challenges that an outdoor weather dependent sport present.

Congratulations to our 10 students who geared up and went sailing (some for the first time ever!) on Saturday, in the pouring rain and persevered through what proved to be a beautiful afternoon with mild winds – perfect for a first sailing experience. Sunday, everyone returned (!) for much windier conditions, sailing off and from Canarsie Pol beach and around the buoys, a mini cruise home and a day that ended with some exciting and challenging dock drills in some truly gusty, windy conditions.

Good job newbies – Boris, Mandy, Bill, Minsuk, Max, Caterina, Obadiah, Roisin, Steve, and Zachary. We saw impressive and increasing skills, diligence and progress from each of you and we look forward to seeing you sailing again. You were a great group!

And a huge thank you goes to our instructors. Their energy, dedication and contribution is extraordinary and we need each and every one of them to run this class. Cheers to Jim & Howie who planned our local, monitored the weather and kept us safe, Patrick, Tracy, John D., Hans, Torben, Mark, Rune, David C., Dino and Holly!

Howie and Jim took pictures (mostly from day 1). Always fun to see and relive the experience.
Here’s the link:

I think John also took pictures too  – when he sends them to me we’ll share!

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