Sebago Cabin Upgrades

On the last weekend of September six club members (Beth E, Walter L, Dottie L, Lori G, Luis M, and Frank F) had a fun time working on the Sebago Cabin. As most of you know our club’s cabin is located lakeside at the ACA camp in Harriman State Park ~  Less than an hour’s drive from the city sits this little oasis. It is well stocked with kayaks, canoes, a sailing canoe and all the equipment necessary for spending time on the water. The camp is open to all ACA members and the Sebago cabin and boats are there for our club members to enjoy (all club safety rules apply).Our overall goal is to make the cabin more inviting for members to overnight at this beautiful location. While a lot remains to be done we did accomplish our objectives for the weekend:

~ De-cluttering all rooms.
~ Thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom (we even vacuumed the ceiling!)

~ Rearrange the three bedrooms and install new nightstands, lamps, power strips, shelves and hooks. (all bedrooms now have twin beds)

Of course being a Sebago event, we all ate well, had plenty of laughs and a few of us even took time to paddle to Bannerman Castle on the Hudson! ~

So now, as the season draws to a close, we are all looking forward to completing the job in the Spring. If you haven’t been to the lake for a while, or if you’re a new member, please plan to visit next season. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

– Frank Favia KCC

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