Sebago Kayak Fishing

By Jason Delgado

Welcome to Sebago Kayak Fishing! Our Brooklyn location offers some of the best fishing grounds in the Northeast. What makes Jamaica Bay so special and unique are the tidal wetlands that are inhabited by bait fish – fish for large predators to prey on, such as Striped Bass, Bluefish, Weakfish, Fluke and Winter Flounder, just to name a few.

The Sebago Kayak Fishing committee welcomes all levels of kayak fishermen/fisherwomen. If you are new to kayaking, have years of experience or just want to try kayak fishing for the first time, you have found the right club.In June 2018, we will have our very first Tournament. This will have free entry for all Sebago members. This tournament is to help promote kayak fishing, unite members, share techniques and for those that are competitive, the opportunity for bragging rights.

In 2018, we will have on the calendar several guest speakers. Topics include lure making, kayak rigging, safety on the water and more. Guest speakers will bring in lures to be made – jig heads, tubes and more. We will then talk about how to use these with each species. We will demonstrate how to properly clean and cook fish. Sebago kayak fishing is all about having fun, being safe and sharing our passion. Feel free to email or call me with any questions you may have and check the calendar for upcoming events.

Get involved – In Spring of 2018 we will have:

  • Night fishing
  • Kayak fishing for beginners seminars
  • Kayak rigging: GPS/Rod holders installations

Responsible Kayak Fishing -Being a responsible Sebago kayak fisherman is important to ensure a safe environment at Sebago for all: throw fish carcasses into a trash bag and bring them to the front dumpster; ensure all tackle, hooks, and knives are stowed away; and have a fishing plan with a copy left in the clubhouse. Being responsible also means dressing for the weather, i.e. dry suit and  all necessary safety gear.

Looking forward to fishing with you.

Please contact me with any questions:

Save the Date:
Saturday June 2, 2018
Sebago Kayak Fishing Club Invitational Tournament 2018
6 am – 1 pm
Free entry for Sebago members
Largest Bass 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, Largest trash fish 1st place
Email: to RSVP by May 15, 2018

Guests need to sign waivers – plus pay $10 insurance fee
Abide by New York State fishing and kayak water rules
Upon catching a Striped Bass, you must take a clear picture with a measuring ruler and email it. Any ties will depend on who sent the picture first
All kayakers must launch and come back to Sebago and are given numbers.

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