Team Racing Event

Yesterday (July 30) we all sailed sunfish (so the sunfish were out in force) and ran 6 races as we held our first ever Team Racing Regatta. For those of you not familiar with team racing, it is entirely different than the typical sailboat racing.

In team racing you usually have two teams of 3 sailboats and you work as a team to achieve the best finish for all members of your team. That means tactically working with your team to block or slow down members of the other team (within the rule structure for sailboat racing) so your team members can get ahead. There are a multitudes of strategies and moves to this game. Well… we just scratched the surface but it was both a fun and challenging day.

A huge thank you to our support boats (it takes as nearly as many people to set up and run the races as participants) – PRO, Jim Luton, with an assist from Max (pressing Canarsian into duty) and Patrick Daniels with an assist from Minsuk in the whaler. The course requires 6 marks set in an ‘N’ pattern with a separate start and finish line.

Here are the final results:

And (thanks Patrick) pictures from the day:

And more picts from Minsuk:

Congrats to the Dunkers!

Looking forward to running this event again, trying some different things, changing our team members, doing round robin races etc…

Happy Birthday Dino!

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