Lake Sebago: The picture above could be Lake Sebago. Serene. Pretty. A comfortable place to practice, paddle, hike or BBQ.

Kayak Newsletter, August 2018

From the deck of the Chair, 8/15/18

Lake Sebago: The opening picture could be Lake Sebago. Serene. Pretty. A comfortable place to practice, paddle, hike or BBQ.

This month two Safety & Rescue classes were offered at the lake, and were well attended. Some Basis Skills were assessed. Food and drink was enjoyed in Sebago’s inimitable style. Whether you think practice makes perfect, or it just makes permanent, try the lake. It’s a good thing.

All Club Invitational:

The July 21 All Club at Inwood was a success. Fun and hospitality abounded. Yosi and Bonnie did well in the races with whatever equipment was around. More importantly, they were present to represent Sebago. Well done Bonnie & Yosi!

Sebago recently approved the purchase of two new Epic 18 boats to compete in the ACI aces “as a tribute to Tony Pignatello and Joe Glickman”. Perhaps a couple of things should be remembered:

  1. Tony wasn’t a racer – and Joe lost plenty of races. The Tony I knew was a people person – a one man cheering gallery. I think the true tribute to Tony and Joe is to show up, participate, & have fun – win or lose.
  2. Races are not run with equipment alone, but also with heart. Sept. 8 is the next ACI hosted by Yonkers. Try to be there to have some fun – and ice cream.

Flatwater Racing

The Scoop Rescue II:

This past week a small ad hoc group paddled in the bay with no particular destination in mind. We ended up practicing out near the Pol. When practicing the scoop rescue (thanks to Chris C.), we needed someone to act unconscious to make it as realistic as possible. Fortunately we had enough members who qualified. We did the scoop bow to stern, bow to bow, and with the injured party facing both away from and toward the rescuer. Thankfully we only lost one victim 😂

The next time you take a S&R or Advanced Techniques class, suggest to the instructor that you practice the Scoop.


Due to the peculiar weather a number of paddles had to be cancelled, as did my rolling instruction session. (Fortunately I have the first half of the roll down pat, so it was not a big deal.) Nevertheless, many paddles did take place including the TNT paddles (Tues. & Thurs.), moonlight paddles, bird watching paddles, etc., all thanks to the generosity of the members who led them. Please keep in mind that even when a paddle like the Manhattan Circumnavigation is cancelled, considerable planning was invested in it. Thanks all.

This month an Adaptive Paddling crew took out one highly motivated guest. She purposely capsized her boat, re-entered and paddled without the supportive boat flotation devices. (I know members who cannot do that 🙂 Very cool Walter.

A week camp out was held in Riverhead, NY, as were related paddles, all thank to Frank F. It was very pretty. I understand that the wind kicked up to over 20 kts. on at least one of our paddles, which brought new meaning to cool. Some of us learned about camping, including that you should dig a drainage ditch around your tent BEFORE it starts to rain 😂 . Thanks

Through all of this it is important to remember everyone behind the scenes who make everything work. The shoppers, planners, boat lifters, clean up folks, and volunteers of every nature.

Helpful Hint Re: Speedy Expense Reimbursement:

For trip leaders who wish to expedite receipt of their reimbursement checks, the best procedure is for the leader, personally , to send Zach a request for a check with 1 a copy of the relevant receipt. The request should clearly indicate the complete address where the check should be sent. (A timely follow up to Zach may work wonders.)

Trip Leader Coverage:

Thank you to everyone who stepped up.

Pictures:If anyone has pictures you would like to share in the newsletter, please send them to us back channel.

Happy paddling,
Frank & Bill
1 Too many cooks (can only) spoil the broth.

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