Moon light paddle, photo courtesy of Bonnie Aldinger

Kayak Newsletter, September 2018

From the deck of the Chair


On Sunday, 8/26/2018, there was a new member orientation. A Full Moon Paddle was scheduled. Quick Start boats were coming up the dock after class. Boats for the Hanger B Paddle were going down the dock for the start of the paddle. Quint, with his broad smile and wrap around sports shades jokingly said, “the problem with this club is the there is not enough going on”.

The following week was the All Club Invitational at Yonkers; the Sandy Hook Camp Out weekend; some members doing a paddle for breast cancer from Cold Springs around Bannerman Castle; and others cycling along the Rockaway shore.

Quint was correct. There’s just not enough going on.

During one week there was a paddle to Rockaway with a lunch at Bungalow Bar. There were activities at the Lake. Somewhere – somehow a Manhattan Circ. Paddle and some all level paddles were squeezed in.

In the coming week plans include an Adaptive Paddle and beachfront Trash Bash, trash removal, and a 12 guest paddle. The following week highlights the Tony P. (Paddle, sail or swim) Scavenger race.

I understand that during the season about 30 new members were signed up. This past week another nine members were assessed to have Basic Skills.

Quint was correct. There’s just not enough going on.

When Frank and I were being considered as the Co-Kayak Chair, John Wright asked what we were going to do about all of the boats in the “hospital” requiring repairs. We said we would figure it out 😇. At the Annual Meeting this past week the hospital was empty. One of the hospital boats was retained for club use, and was on the water this weekend. Some boats were auctioned to members. Others were donated to a charity. Problem solved. Speaking of boats requiring repairs, due to personal reasons, we unfortunately lost our club boat managers, Nhi and Jay, who were a whirlwind. Mark Mikenberg and Ramona Dutton Rottkamp stepped up and will be handling club boat inventory and repairs.

Quint was correct, there’s not enough going on.

The two new Epic 18 racing boats arrived. (It is the sole responsibility of the racers to store and maintain these boats, as well as arrange for their transport to and from the All Club races – and actually race them.) Since we still have money in the budget, the plan is to replace three unstable open paddle rudder boats with new boats. The new boats should accommodate an array of abilities and shapes and sizes.

At the Annual Meeting, which included two paddle groups, Frank properly pointed out that he and I are not great paddlers. (That puts us in good company. Tony P. used to say the same thing😀.) However, I discovered that you don’t have to be a great paddler to learn to roll your boat. Rolling – still another instructional activity going on at Sebago. To members new and old I say, you too can do it. Without a doubt you already have half of the roll – from right side up to upside down 😜

Quint was correct.

Frank & Bill

Enjoy a selection of pictures from our summer activities (click to view) – courtesy of Bonnie Aldinger:

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