Member Kayak Repair Day

What do you get when you mix 15 Sebagans, 5 boats, a pot of coffee and a bag of bagels? … A Sebago Repair Party!

Rain didn’t stop the fun as folks drifted into our warm boat shop to cut, glue, rig, drill, sand and polish their boats. Deck lines were run, seats mounted, and hatches installed. All manor of repair and maintenance tasks were accomplished while friends shared skills and stories . Nina even showed off her equestrian skills by repairing one of the horses! Of course there was lots of kibbitzing and debating while the work proceeded, which is the way we show our love … and it always ends with food and drink! What better way to spend a rainy winter Sunday?

Watch for our Club kayak repair day coming soon.


Photos by Denis and Frank


2 Responses

  1. MaryJ Eyster says:

    XXX to all. I miss you and, even though I’m sitting outside in the warm air, I miss being in Brooklyn.

  2. Fran Pignatello says:

    Just opened my mail. Thanks Frank for putting us to work. It was a lot of fun helping, and be helped, by everyone. Of course eating and drinking after all that hard work was the best!

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