Where Eagles Soar!

As we approached the trail head we spotted two rangers returning from their early morning eagle watch. No, they hadn’t seen any eagles today but they are up there . Where? Follow the blue trail up and to the north then turn west on the orange trail. You’ll come to a clearing on a bluff overlooking the river.  Look toward the west, toward the high cliffs ….let us know if you spot them. Good luck!

Twelve Sebagoans started up the muddy snow covered trail.  Though now in Lenape Indian territory, our spirits were high and we climbed through the old growth forest, marveling at the giant tulip trees and the natural state of the dead fall and undergrowth. The mild January day, with it’s blue skies and crisp air, brought all our senses to life as we chatted, huffed and puffed our way up the trail. When we stopped to check the map near the bluff, Dottie reminded us we should be looking up. As if on cue a pair of American Bald Eagles soared above us! We all shouted and pointed as high above the trees the huge birds majestically glided by. What a treat!

But our adventure had just begun. A short while later we were on the bluff overlooking the wide cold river ~  cliffs on the west bank and the river stretching to the north as far as the eye could see.  Above a pair of Red Tail hawks appeared riding the thermals rising up the river valley ~ sometimes diving, sometimes hanging in the blue sky ~ just looking at us. Spectacular!

Yellowstone in Wyoming? Yosemite in California? No, Inwood Hills in NYC! The last natural forest in Manhattan, and site of the biggest real estate deal in NY history (done by Peter Minuit not Donald).  And besides the birds, forests, and magnificent views of New Jersey and The Bronx, we wandered up and down steep hillsides, through Indian caves,  around wetlands and kettle holes before leaving the park for a great Puerto Rican meal at Mofongos on Broadway.  As always, a splendid time was had by all!

Two boroughs down 3 to go! Watch for our Brooklyn Super Fund Site & Brewery hike coming up soon!



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  1. Nina Sabghir says:

    Great write up. Sounds beautiful. And Shhhhh. Don’t let Donald know about this place.

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