Sailing Class – 2018

Our annual Sailing Class was held this past weekend. We could not have asked for better weather – warm and sunny with light to moderate winds settling into a nice southerly on both days for a pleasant run home. Ideal conditions for new sailors! The students worked hard over the two day marathon of our class and our instructors rallied to keep up with them. There were some challenging moments for all but in the end everyone made progress with their skills and understanding of sailing our demanding small boats. We look forward to seeing some new sailors among our group as these newbies continue the forever learning (and humbling-yet rewarding) process that is sailing.

Congratulations to this years students – Cecila, James, Harry, Christina, Warren, Joe, Liza, Anne, Marc and Jakob.

A big shout out of gratitude to our instructors and helpers, who not only happily worked with the students but also schlepped and hauled boats and gear and stepped up to any other task over the two day class. What a hard working, diligent and skilled group of individuals. Thank you – Patrick, John D., Tracy, Miles, Hans, Torben, Mark R., Dino, David C., Holly and our support crew Howie, Marty and Jim.

Here are some pictures from the weekend from Patrick:

And from Jim in the montage below (click for larger views and slide show):

4 Responses

  1. MICHAEL MAZOR says:

    Looks like so much fun!!!

  2. Chris says:

    Wonderful effort & good results !

  3. Anne McGowan Bresnnahan says:

    Thanks to everyone – staff for their instruction n support while we tried to put all the skills together n fellow participants for comradeship during the 2 days. Top notch program.

  4. Harry says:

    Thanks to all who made it happen ! Nice to see visuals. Super fun and well planned. We are looking forward to more.

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