From the deck of the Chair – Kayak News – June 2018

The season is off to an active start. The All Club Invitational paddles, races and, of course, super grub thanks to chef Steve and his stellar crew.

The Trip Leader Workshop was well attended and, once again, all participants survived. This time it was thanks to Quint, Bonnie and Chris, this year’s instructors. The roughly 30 school teachers involved with The Billion Oyster project had a shell of a time thanks to Jeff Kraus & friends. Quick Start had about 14 participants & everyone had a good time thanks to Q & CO. Boats got to the Lake thanks to Frank. And paddles! We’ve had paddles on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Full Moon nights. We’ve had Youth Paddles, Open Paddles, All Level Paddles, Thai Rock paddle and camping event & Surfing paddles. All of this was thanks to Steve H., Laurie B., Vickie, Melanie, Gianni, & Luis M and others. Someone from a Youth Paddle actually sent a upbeat thank you note! Some Trip Leaders were so excited about the new season they showed up a week early to do an Open Paddle 🙂 And Walter is planning an Adaptive Paddling event. Phew!

Just as a reminder, Gianni is overseeing the Open Paddles activity this year. Please give him your generous support. Guests will no longer receive a ($10) charge or donation request to cover insurance reimbursement or miscellaneous costs when attending Open Paddles (or of course Youth Paddles). This was approved at the last Board Meeting. Salute!

Unfortunately, our Fleet Manager for Club Boats, Yim, will be unable to continue in that role. A few or you volunteered, and we thank you. Nhi Nguyen and Jay who joined the club about 4 months ago will be taking on this project. We like the idea of having new members involved, and think having more than one person is a plus. (We just have to figure out how to make it work 🙂 Yim is a good and capable guy and we’re sorry to lose him. Let’s treat his replacements with the same kindness and respect that we extended to Yim.

We receive many good questions, and suggestions from the membership, for which we are grateful. The membership is overwhelmingly gracious and supportive. Thank you.

Pop Quiz to test your kayak knowledge:

1) You know you are an extreme kayaker when:
A. You check the weather and tides every week
B. You check them every day
C. You check them every hour
D. You don’t give a tinker’s damn about the weather or tides

2) The best kayak is:
A. A Chatham
B. Tiderace
C. One that knows the way to Thai Rock
D. The one you own.
E. The one you borrow

3) You are a long term member of Sebago when:
A. You were born in 1833
B. You remember when there was more smoking than kayaking done by the membership
C. In golf you are able to shoot your age.
D. You don’t remember Sebago.

4) A $10 donation request is no longer to be made of guests on Open Paddles. Should you:
A. Ask for $20;
B. Ask for a debit card;
C. Give the guests boats instead of paddles
D. Something else

5) You may wish to get more instruction if, in answer to a question about your qualifications, you are thinking:
A. My thigh brace is pretty good
B. I had a nice roll this morning for breakfast
C. A wet exit has to do with a water park
D. All of the above.

Frank & Bill

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  1. Chris says:

    So many continuing good activities and good deeds being performed at SCC ‍♀️ ⛵️ !
    This is enjoyable overview for me when not in attendance as much as I’d like due to scheduling.

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