Sea Kayak Committee Report – Fall, 2018

By Bill Rossi

Excerpt from Kayak News 10/15/18

A Short Story in Pictures:
Believe it or not, the pictures here were taken by James Chang on his iPhone 10 during our,  Autumn Leaves Paddle to Four Sparrows Marsh. (Apparently salt water actually improves picture quality on an iPhone 🙂 It was a gray, rainy, 54˚ morning when we launched at 10 am, and at least one of the Co-Kayak Chairs would have preferred to have rolled over for another ten winks. But the water was warm, the tide was high at the marsh, and the lighting was obviously perfect for picture taking.

A fun time was had by all!

Proving the old adage: if you snooze, you lose.

What else was up this month?
There was another Quick Start so about ten new members now have basic skills thanks to Quint & Bonnie. There was the Annual Meeting with an all level paddle. Walter coordinated an Adaptive Paddle; no, not for the members at large. The club gained about fourteen bags of refuse thanks to the Trash Bash led by Mary Eyster (of which she also disposed). Peter Maloney hosted a guest paddle and was able to get most of the guests back to the clubhouse, as far as we can tell. The second annual Tony Pignatello Scavenger Hunt was once again arranged by Patrick Daniels. Thanks, Patrick. The crowd of about fifty was a bit raucous and unruly – just the way Tony would have liked it. Luis Matallana led a trip from the Bear Mountain Bridge to Cold Spring Harbor and back. Way to go, Luis!

I’m probably missing some stuff. If I am, just send in a self-addressed postcard accompanied by a five-dollar bill and I’ll take care of it.

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More pictures courtesy James Chang:


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