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Sebago Cup – 2019

It was a beautiful day for our annual Sebago Cup. The forecast was for 0-4 out of the west, BUT it was much better – we started with 6+mph out of the SW climbing up to an occasional 10mph. An exquisite day!

Jim Luton was our PRO with an assist from Dino Ness and Allan Decker (John’s brother!). Thank you Race Committee!

We had 22 boats with a total of 27 sailors: 2 aeros, 7 sunfish, 7 lasers, 2 v-15s, 4 traditional boats – and two visiting sailors from Westchester!

It’s fun to see the gps track – here’s Torbens track (who by the way got 2nd laser!)

  • Total distance: 8.31 statute miles / 7.22 nautical miles / 13.37 kilometers
  • Speed: 4.2kn average; max. 5.35kn reaching north of Ruffle Bar

GPS track Sebago Cup from Torben

And more tracks – Boris, Severn, David(starting at ‘starboard’ mark):

Congratulations to all! In particular our first place winners: Boris (first aero), Mia (first sunfish), Bill (first laser), Andrew (first radial),  Team Decker (first V15), Severn (first Traditional)

Here are the scores for the day:

Numerous people took pictures. Here are the links I have so far (we will add photo links to this page as they are received).

Harry Bubbins –

Chris Bickford –
and shown below in the gallery


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