Spring Race Series – Last Race and Final Results

We finished out our Spring Racing Season yesterday with Race Day #6 (an extension of our season!). I think this year we sailed in the rain three out of the six days and yesterday was no exception.

A big thank you to PRO John D. and Mandy and Sherry for running 5 exciting races – mostly in the rain, with a low tide and North Easterly winds, building and clocking a fairly steady 18 mph, with gusts in the mid 20’s. Needless to say many of us spent some time in the water, but it was a fun day. We thought we would not be able to go out and had delayed starting to be sure there were no thunderstorms on the radar so we were all grateful to get on the water.

We finished out the day with a fabulous potluck and me fumble-ling with the final scores. I’ve had time to review them and posted them along with yesterdays results. Here they are if you like to look at the numbers (very close for 1st and 2nd in both the laser and sunfish class):


Congrats go to Holly as 1st laser, Tracy as 2nd Laser and Miles as 3rd laser – and – Patrick as 1st sunfish, Dino as 2nd sunfish, and John D. as 3rd sunfish.

We had close sailing all season with a total of 16 participants through the series and 9 qualifiers. Congratulations to all participants – this was a nice series this year and we did not miss a race day!

Many of you are anxious to continue racing. Summer racing will be impromptu meet-ups. Use the sailing list to let folks know you would like some company to go out and practice with one on one (or more) competition.

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