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Kids and Kayaks

You know you’ve done something right when your seven-year-old granddaughter comes home from school and, mystified, says to her mother, “None of my friends have a kayak”.

Bending the Bow: Meditations on Craft Journeys with Sticks and Skin

As I was preparing these materials, Steve Heinzerling wrote that the December SCC movie night feature would be Keepers of the Game, a documentary by Judd Ehrlich about the efforts of a Native American Mohawk group of high school girls to form a lacrosse team, a game traditionally played only by men. As of now, I have seen only the trailer, but I believe you will find correspondences between the film and this article.

Sebago: The Musical

We are not quite Rollin’ on the River just yet. But we are Rockin’ near the Basin. Sebago has a rock/folk/new age (old age) group of the musically inclined. We get together to play, mostly various guitar types, but random drum, tambourine, cymbal, or whatever. Thanks to Howie Alfred for initiating this fun gathering…

How Music and the Tar Came to the Kiva

The story is still told in the kivas not only of the ancient ones but of their children and transformations. As it was told to me, so I tell it to you. This was before fires and the instruments we have had since. It is a story of your relatives: the swift-footed, four-leggeds, and the winged ones.

The Journey

One by one they had come down into the Valley of Shadows in wagons of fear. They were led by a fisherman, his wife, and their new child. The fisherman had been away from the sea for many years. And in all their days of marriage, the fisherman and his wife had been childless. It was not until the journey that the couple came to have a child. On their way through the mountains, the fisherman’s wife

Sebago Canoe Club Alumni – a Part of Your Proud History

In December, 1967 I joined the Saint Francis Prep Flatwater Canoe and Kayak team. My introduction to the team was at the Metropolitan Avenue pool and bath house in Williamsburg. At the time, I was a member of the school swim team which practiced at the facility. The canoe team, moderated by Brother Louis Cunningham, swam for conditioning in the off-season at the same time…

The 2016 HRGF Kayak Team Building and Racing Project

When Theodore Roosevelt was asked if it were true that carrying a lighted torch would protect him from a lion, he supposedly answered, “It depends on how fast you carry it.” Teddy’s wit won here, but if your self-esteem and bragging rights as a kayaker depended on it how could you meet the challenge outlined below?

The Ghost Ship of Sutton Hoo

A November New York Times article about explorers finding a “lost world of wrecks” in the Bulgarian waters of the Black Sea with at least 44 wrecks prompted me to work with the information and pursue it…