Sebago: The Musical

By Mary Eyster

We are not quite Rollin’ on the River just yet. But we are Rockin’ near the Basin.  Sebago has a rock/folk/new age (old age) group of the musically inclined.  We get together to play, mostly various guitar types, but random drum, tambourine, cymbal, or whatever.  Thanks to Howie Alfred for initiating this fun gathering, and for providing many of the instruments, and all the organizing.  You really, really don’t have to know how to play anything; and don’t have to have a great voice either.  I hung out with them, listening to the songs, humming, singing lightly to myself.  Then actually got up the nerve to sing out loud.  If you like to sing in the shower, or if you like to play your guitar or harmonica in the closet, please let Howie know you are interested, and he’ll keep you posted.  Also, if you just want to come along and listen/watch, that’s fine too.

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