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Spring Fleet Repairs - Sunfish daggerboards

Sailing Report – April 2018

By Holly Sears I have been hearing about the winter adventures of many of our sailors and look forward to hearing more as our new on-the-water season at Sebago approaches. Tracy Kornrich and I...

Garden Plotting 2018

By Mary Eyster and Mary Ann Hoag The Garden Committee will be working with the Vice Commodore to create new individual plots this coming Fall season. The work will progress in many stages, some...

Where Eagles Soar!

As we approached the trail head we spotted two rangers returning from their early morning eagle watch. No, they hadn’t seen any eagles today but they are up there . Where? Follow the blue...

Forest Hills Hike

A lovely little walk in the snow ~ What a beautiful park! The forecast was frightful but the weather was delightful and 9 brave, but lucky, people weren’t fooled. Dottie lead us on a...

Thanksgiving Paddle 2017

Our traditional Thanksgiving pot luck paddle was a huge success! On a windy cool Sunday we put 9 boats on the water for a beautiful lee shore paddle to 4 Sparrow Marsh. We rode...

Sebago Cabin Upgrades

On the last weekend of September six club members (Beth E, Walter L, Dottie L, Lori G, Luis M, and Frank F) had a fun time working on the Sebago Cabin. As most of...

Sebago Cup 2017

Another year and another Sebago Cup. This is our annual cruising class race. For dinghy racing this is an unusual race. It is a cruising race – a distance race that usually circumnavigates our...

Hanger B Paddle

Good trip with Sebago to the Hangar B Historic Aircraft Restoration Project for the summer Sunday ranger tour:  2 to 4pm all summer, a very good tour with the historical aircraft presented in chronological...

A Trip to Lake Sebago!

Twenty Sebago paddlers spent the weekend of August 11 at Lake Sebago in Harriman State Park, filling three cabins including the Sebago Cabin. In addition to paddling and practicing in the lake, Walter and...

Traditional Cruise 2017, photo by Chris Bickford

August Sailing Cruise the ‘Trad Cruise’

As most of you know we have three (occasionally four, if May works out) scheduled sailing cruises every summer. These are always popular events among our sailors and a great way to explore our...

Team Racing Event

Yesterday (July 30) we all sailed sunfish (so the sunfish were out in force) and ran 6 races as we held our first ever Team Racing Regatta. For those of you not familiar with...

Group picture of the Sailing Class

Sailing Class 2017

I know we say it every year but… We had a great sailing class this weekend, always a feat of organizing for our Sailing Committee, with 12 volunteer instructors and 10 students and all the challenges that an outdoor weather dependent sport present.

More on that Flag Day paddle to the dance.

I don’t remember exactly when the idea for this trip first came up. I’ve been taking Monday night dance classes from Megan Downes, who used to be one of my dance teachers at the Irish Arts Center back when I was doing more set dancing, ever since that fun day last year when I went to… ⇒ continue reading

Spring Race Series, Race 3, photo courtesy David Cripton

Sailing Committee Report – 2017

Another season is upon us and our Spring Race Series is almost complete as I write this report. In the spring, the weather and conditions are always an ongoing surprise and this spring was no different with actual conditions rarely matching the forecast. For the first time in many years we actually held one of our races in Paerdegat Basin

Canoe Restoration, visit to the shop, photo courtesy of Patrick Daniels

Canoe Committee Report – May 2017

The big news for canoe aficionados is the return of our fully restored, Old Town war canoe. Long canoes have a long history of warlike use by the indigenous people of North America and Africa. Be assured, the Canoe Committee is committed to their peaceful use, including programming for families, the community and others. The amount of war canoe programming

War canoe restoration, visit to the boat shop. photo courtesty Jim Luton

Preserving a Classic – The Restoration of War Canoe One

By the end of last season, it became evident that our classic Old Town war canoes were not going to go much further without some serious attention. Many years of well-intentioned but misguided repair efforts and inadequate storage conditions have rendered both boats nearly unusable. I’ve done some wood and canvas canoe restoration myself, and I know enough to be wary of undertaking a project